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boost-graph-openmpi - Run-Time component of parallel boost graph library

License: Boost and MIT and Python
Run-Time support for the Parallel BGL graph library.  The interface and
graph components are generic, in the same sense as the the Standard
Template Library (STL).  This libraries in this package use OpenMPI
back-end to do the parallel work.


boost-graph-openmpi-1.50.0-1.el6.x86_64 [94 KiB] Changelog by Petr Machata (2012-07-26):
- Upstream 1.50
  - boost-cmake-soname.patch drop, upstream handles soname well, and
    we haven't been doing manual numbering for several years now
  - boost-1.48.0-cmakeify-full.patch drop, not necessary for bjam
  - Rebase many patches, port others, courtesy of Denis Arnaud:
    - boost-1.48.0-exceptions.patch drop
    - boost-1.48.0-lexical_cast-incomplete.patch drop
    - boost-1.48.0-gcc47-pthreads.patch drop
    - boost-1.48.0-long-double.patch drop
    - boost-1.48.0-xtime.patch drop
    - boost-1.48.0-locale.patch drop
    - boost-1.48.0-signals-erase.patch port
    - boost-1.48.0-fix-non-utf8-files.patch port
    - boost-1.48.0-foreach.patch port
    - boost-1.48.0-attribute.patch port
    - boost-1.48.0-long-double-1.patch port
    - boost-1.48.0-polygon.patch port
    - boost-1.48.0-pool.patch port

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